Hi, hello, I’m back!!

Remember when I used to blog? 
Let's not even talk about how long it's been...

Okay so it has been over TWO YEARS since my last post. What the WHAT? When I moved back here from Vancouver I honest to god had no clue what direction my life was headed. All I knew for sure was that I needed to really sort my shit dig deep and figure out what I wanted next. And let’s be real, those first few months were HORRIBLE. I futilely applied for countless jobs (anything but retail-I was beyond done with that), went to an oil & gas hiring fair I really had no business being at (Hi I have a diploma in fashion marketing, but it like totally applies) and was largely friendless compared to the fab little social circle I left back in Van. Not exactly fun times. I’m still not entirely sure how–amongst what felt like a million failures–I worked up the courage to finally verbalize what I really wanted to do (probs thanks largely to mom talks & wine)I want to be a lawyer. That was scary. Like seven years of school looming ahead of me. No way. Is that even doable when your 24? It honestly felt SO impossible. I would practically be a hundred by the time I graduated. Was I even smart enough to do this? I mean sure I graduated dean’s list at AI but that was art school. Despite the countless insecurities knocking around in my brain I started looking into school and miracle of all miracles (especially considering my high school transcript) ended up at the University of Calgary in the Fall of 2013.


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Alberta Flood Relief

My hometown of Calgary, Alberta and surrounding area has been severely damaged by unprecedented flooding. Please help support the many Albertans that have lost everything, and our province as we begin rebuilding together.

To donate to the Canadian Red Cross Alberta Flood click here.

OR text “ABHELP” to 4664 to donate $5 to Alberta Flood Relief.


Words cannot describe how inspired I am by the spirit of Calgarians demonstrated throughout this disaster. The outpour of volunteers and neighbors helping neighbors is truly uplifting and the reason why Southern Albertans will come back stronger than ever.


B!itch stole my look!

I am not perfect, but I am genuine.

I may not be right, but I will say it to your face.

I listen to everything and weed out the bullshit.

I make mistakes and own them. I do my penance to make things right.

I always stand up for what I believe is right,

And when it is wrong, I will not be silent.

You can hurt me today but not tomorrow.

I am a lady like that.




“I’m living in wardrobe hell.”

“I’m wearing cashmere….others elmo pants”


These are the type of texts I used to receive from my mother and giggle about with friends over artigiano coffee on break from Holts. I now find myself IN said wardrobe hell struggling to remind myself this was MY idea. The move from my beloved Vancouver back to Alberta is a decision I struggled with for what seems like ever. Desperate for a change and reaching somewhat of a stalemate in Van I found myself in a something’s-gotta-give situation. I won’t bore you with the gory details but long story short I needed (need?) a minute to just breath and re-route my course. Which frankly is damn hard to do in a city as expensive as Vancouver. Having a pre-twenty-fifth-birthday-meltdown-ish, I decided I’d rather move home now and press refresh, then in five more years when I’m *gulp* THIRTY. It is truly fab to have parents who willingly accepted me back into their home (after getting rid of me twice) knowing how much baggage I have re: shopping addiction to handbags, shoes, dresses, coats…jewelry….

Two weeks in and I am FINALLY unpacked. I feel like I’ve done a complete 180. From living in my own crowded 27th floor apartment with every restaurant, shop, store and friend at my fingertips, to a spacious 3-story house with my lovable, yet slightly eccentric family, on the outskirts of town with everything a car drive away. Whhhhaaaaaaa…..???

At 24 with student loan debt, having just moved provinces and currently unemployed I ain’t going nowhere till I fill the career void. I’m equal parts excited and on the brink of a nervy b to venture into something new in this city run by oil & gas. I am so beyond ready to hang up my retail hat and tackle the next challenge. I feel a slight pang at the thought of not working directly in fashion, which makes ladylikethat even more vital to my sanity!

I’d love to hear some of your stories of the trails & tribulations of becoming an adult, and also recommend you visit Emma Koenig’s tumblr if you relate to anything I’ve just written.

from "FUCK! i'm in my twenties"

from “FUCK! i’m in my twenties”


Weekly snidbits.


  • Kristen Wiig, Ben Affleck to host remaining epi’s of SNL with musical guests Vampire Weekend & Kanye West. Did I mention Kristen Wiig?!! Excitement!
  • Ciate Chalkboard manicure. The latest nail art trend combines matte nail polish and nail art chalk pens to doodle on designs of your choice. The topcoat seals the chalk onto the nail and you are good to go. Must try!

ciate chalkboard manicure nail art

The BAD.

  • Side butt is the new side boob? I’m not sure about this. I just find Gwyneth EXTREMELY irritating and think she might make me hate the whole trend.
  • The Big Wedding has gotten big, fat, rotten, reviews. What?! But DeNiro, Sarandon, Keaton, Seyfried, ROBIN WILLIAMS: the trailer has me hooked! Apparently the star-studded cast isn’t enough to save a flimsy plot line but it is definitely the reason I will still see the movie. (I know I know I’m wasting nobody’s money but my own – no judgement!)

And the HUH?!

  • We need to talk about Amanda Bynes. What. The. WHAT?! Her latest ramblings are that she is Olsen twin wealthy. As in 300 mil wealthy. HUH?! Thought catalog has compiled her top chaotic tweets.
  • Beyonce for H&M. I’m not completely sold on this collaboration. The photos are pretty, a tad boring, just like the commercial clip, and I don’t mind the song Standing on the Sun. It’s just so obvious! Breathtaking beach, Beyonce dancing around, blah blah blaaaaah we expect more Queen B!


Happy Saturday lovelies! Please excuse my lack of activity on the blog front, I’ve been a bit tied up packing away all the crap I’ve collected over the past five years as I prepare to move to Calgs. I’m ready to just toss it all and start over. I’m giving lots of stuff away so if your in Vancouver message me!



The Great Wait…

.. for Gatsby. There is only so much suspense I can take! The latest is this cover of Karlie Kloss for Vogue Australia’s May issue. The American model dons Miuccia Prada dresses from The Great Gatsby which was filmed in Australia. There is just too much about this film that I love already. Miuccia Prada for one. (My Miu Miu/Prada addiction does not need to grow until my income does thank-you) Music by Jay-Z, Florence, Lana, and a Beyonce & Andre 3000 cover of Amy Whinehouse’s Back to Black. And LEO. I die die die.


I’ve already taken to nearly daily viewings of this preview and endless speculation sessions with my equally obsessed work bestie. (HI MEL!) Are the people behind this film genius for making us wait this long in ever-growing anticipation?

Thank god we don’t have much longer to go. May 10th guys. Phew.


Lady like that: Kiernan Shipka

Kiernan Shipka-mad men-2013-afi awards-valentino(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

We’ve been captivated by her as the stylish and sassy Sally Draper on the 1960’s era Mad Men for six seasons now and I have been equally enthralled by her off-screen. As a young actress it is almost guaranteed there will be some awkward, borderline awful, if not endearing, style “misses” that will playfully haunt you later down the road. (Blame it on growing pains coupled with lack of experience in the fashion department) Miss Shipka seems to be an exception, as you will be hard-pressed to find a photo where she looks anything less than ladylike. From red-carpets to star speckled parties she continually manages to strike the perfect balance of youth and sophisticated elegance without looking too mature.  Continue reading

Gumball Giveaway: DeLatori Jewelry

Breaking news friends! I’ve joined forces with Gumball in their fashion ambassador program to bring you stylish prizes from top brands. I will be co-hosting my favorite contest picks right here on ladylikethat so check back often to see what the current giveaway is. First up are these gorgeous sterling sliver stunners courtesy of DeLatori Jewelry. Enter below for the chance to make these babies yours!

Good luck!


Spring in your step.

Not to jinx it BUT the weather in Vancouver has been AH-ma-ZINGGGG. Phenomenal. Like I can’t even remember the last time I saw rain.  On Easter Sunday I actually wore a dress sans-tights (freeeeeeedom!!) and I think I got my first tan of the year from soaking up the rays at sunset beach. I remember last spring being quite crap weather-wise so I’m feeling pretty optimistic about where we are headed with this. Here is my early spring wish list in the shoe department. I am so ready to free my footsies from boots.

Preen x Aldo Rise. I love the classic, ladylike silhouettes in the collection paired with edgier animal print leather & cool hard wear. The thicker heeled options are prime for dancing the night away.


Taylor Swift for Keds. Who doesn’t love keds in the summertime? The epitome of a weekend shoe. Cheap, cheerful and most importantly a comfy treat for worn out feet!


Converse highness & shoreline denim. Already bought both of these and I am living in them. Perfect with dresses or cropped denim.


DVF mint flats and heel. Marvy mint green! Perfect work shoes; run to work in the flats, slip on the heels when you get to the office.


Now go out and enjoy the sunshiney longer days friends!


Weekly snidbits.


  • The novel sequel to Devil Wears Prada is scheduled for a June release date. Revenge Wears Prada will top beachy-must-read-chick-lit lists everywhere, including mine. Now let’s all campaign for the movie sequel!
  • St. Patrick’s Day is on a Sunday. (As in two-days-from-now Sunday) This could be the best/worst thing ever. Don’t let Sunday Funday get out of control friends. Try not to pass out.
  • Taylor Swift’s 22 video is miserable and magical and I just love it.

The BAD.

and the HUH?!


Happy mid-March celebrations everybody! Have fun wearing green and pint after pint of bad decision-making. (Kidding) Luck of the Irish to you all.